About Me

I’m Ratib Al Safadi, a Photojournalist, Videographer, and Media Producer. I’ve distinguished experience in the field of photography and filming for more than a decade as I had the privilege to work and collaborate with some of the most renowned news agencies such as AFP, Anadolu News Agency, Al Jazeera Channel, beIN Sports, and Getty Images.
Moreover, I’ve been a director of operations in several media projects for many years. Throughout my years of work, I also represented many media production agencies that reflected my professional abilities, and a decent number of shots were published on international media platforms such as “Time” and “The Guardian”. Also, I’ve covered a lot of news and special events in hot spots around the world like Lebanon, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Brazil.  

    • Mobile Phones:
      +961 3 258 867
      +55 11 99830-1988
    • Email: Info@ratibsafadi.com