Dancing without sight!

At the end of 2003, the Instituto de Cegos decided to end the group’s activity in its facilities. In order for the work not to end, parents, friends, and collaborators decided to set up an association. With the name Associação de Balé de Cegos Fernanda Bianchini, located at Av. Domingos de Moraes, 1765, in Vila Mariana – São Paulo, the group started a new phase, with broader objectives.

We face numerous difficulties, mainly in relation to the prejudice of people involved with ballet. Everyone thought that ballet for the blind would be impossible. With willpower and dedication, we gained credibility and true applause not only for the resilience of our students, but for the beautiful art developed by them.

Cameraman: Hani Aldrsani, Ratib El Safadi
Editing: Salim Mhanna
Art director: Ratib El Safadi
Producer: Liz Virgínia

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